In A Nutshell

A 28-question test that is marketed as the first personality test based on branding, not psychology. It’s core focus is on how the world sees you, not how you see the world. The test is based on seven different ways to communicate and add value to a listener, you are assigned a primary and secondary way which results in an archetype. This is what the bulk of your profile will then be built around, it’s essentially you at your best when communicating.

How Much Does It Cost?


Who’s Behind The Test?

Sally Hogshead

How Long Does It Take?

5 minutes

What Type Of Test Is It?


What Makes It Unique?

As mentioned earlier, the Fascinate® test is marketed as the first personality profiling tool to show you how the world sees you, rather than how you see the world. What this means in reality is that instead of giving you results or a report with introspective language, you’re provided with insight on how others perceive you through cues and signals that you are intentionally or unintentionally sending. It was built from a brand perspective, striving to help everyone feel confident in how the world sees them.

What Do You Do?

You will be presented with a series of phrases, such as “I have strong opinions, and I’m comfortable voicing them” and “I don’t reveal everything all at once”, and asked to indicate whether they are “not me” or “totally me” on a four-point likert scale.

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An example of the Fascination Advantage report

How Credible Is It?

It’s important to frame the Fascinate Test as more of a personal brand exercise rather than personality test. It’s popularity however has seen it included here as numerous individuals get benefit from it’s results.

The origins of the Fascinate Test are unclear. The official website references Kelton Global, a consumer insights and strategy consulting firm who led a deep-dive analysis of 1,059 Americans on ‘fascination’. There’s no sight of just how diverse this sample was, even within the confines of it being Americans only. It’s also worth noting the original study was aimed at exploring the relationship between ‘fascination’ and decision making regarding brand choices, careers, relationships and personal branding. Elsewhere online however, there are references to Sally Hogshead using over 100,000 personality tests to identify the seven personality traits that fascinate others.

For the purpose of accuracy, we will use the official website figures. The overall sample size of 1,059 is relatively small and lacks clarity on its diversity. More specifically, the Kelton Fascination Study sought to determine:

  • How much fascination is worth in terms of dollars
  • How much more people are willing to pay for fascinating products
  • Which employees are most engaged and engrossed at work
  • How leaders can fascinate their employees
  • What exactly determines if a message, or product, is fascinating
  • What behaviors and actions people exhibit when they are fascinated

The focus of this original study was aimed at understanding why some brands are more captivating than others, not how they map on to an individual. Following the success of the seven “triggers” they identified to stimulate a person’s interest, in 2010, Hogshead developed an assessment to measure how an individual ranked on these seven triggers.

NB. Fascination is a neurological state of intense focus, one that creates an irresistible feeling of engagement. Some people might also know it as a “flow state”.

What About The Results?

An online 16-page personality profile accessed through the web interface and available to download tells you a detailed descriptions of your Archetype and it’s two distinct Advantages. You’ll be assigned one of forty-nine personality Archetypes – this is the core pillar of your report. Each Archetype then has a “primary” Advantage which is what makes you most persuasive and captivating. You’ll also have a “secondary” Advantage that is your second highest mode of communication and helps to balance out and support your primary Advantage.

The report will go in to detail about both your Archetype and two Advantages. You can use the adjectives that describe your Archetype to describe yourself in a professional bio or LinkedIn summary. You’ll also find action steps and one-minute coaching for your Archetype, giving you the ability to focus on the tasks in which you are naturally primed to succeed – the ones in which you use your top Advantages. Finally, you’ll receive personalised videos explaining your Fascination Advantages.

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How Are My Results Treated?

Name, address, date of birth, email, telephone number and responses collected. Content provided as well as the conclusions and assessment derived, may be used for research, innovation, case studies, and commercial purposes (such as in speeches, articles, books, etc.) at their discretion. Your assessment data may be aggregated for research and comparison purposes. Data can be removed on request.

What Do We Think?

It’s less hard science, more brand & marketing. The Fascination Personality Test is built on branding, not psychology. You could argue it’s not a true personality test but it’s popularity and slick execution in terms of the report and follow-up material make it worth including. If you’re keen to explore your own personal brand and how you can market yourself, this one’s worth exploring.